Private Air Charter – Growing the USA’s Economy

Private aircraft charter is a robust and growing industry in the USA, with Americans leading the way in the demand for private flights and their associated services. In fact, the USA makes up 49% of the world market for private jets and holds the record for the most popular event for private jet flights – the Super Bowl.

Creating Jobs, Streamlining Travel, and Boosting Business 

Air charter services aren’t just about flying billionaires and A-listers in for sparkling, star-studded events – they’re about delivering an exceptional service that helps companies become more efficient, ensures rapid delivery of life-saving organ donations, and brings luxury back into air travel. As a result, the industry supports jobs all over the country, from aircraft manufacturing and airport-related jobs to flight and ground crews, aircraft maintenance businesses and food services.

Did you Know…?

Private jet charter services contribute $150 billion to the American economy each yearThe industry employs mor…

Jet Rentals Take you to the Greens for the 2018 Masters Tournament

The 2018 Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events on the calendar, bringing in the world’s top talent to play on some of the most challenging and beautiful holes in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about this elite sporting occasion, from our private jet rental team.

What are the Dates for the 2018 Masters? 

The Masters will run from Monday April 2nd to Sunday April 8th.

Where Can I Get Masters 2018 Tickets? 

Masters tickets run out quickly but are available online through websites endorsed by the official Masters Tournament 2018 website. You can also purchase tickets for the 2019 Masters practice rounds and daily tournament ticket applications.

The 2019 event will be held on April 8-14. The 2020 event will be held on April 6-12, and the 2021 event will be held on April 5-11.

Traditions of the Masters Tournament 

With Augusta National Golf Club’s historic past and extraordinarily scenic grounds, it’s no surp…

Stranded at the Airport Due to Poor Weather? Get Private Charter Flights

Travelling by commercial airline is becoming more and more of a hassle as demand increases, but nothing compares to the havoc that weather can play on your travel plans. It is the single biggest cause for travel delays and cancellations, accounting for 69% of them according the FAA. Whether you’re in first class or not, you’re all in the same boat when it comes to weather – so what can you do if you’re stranded? The answer is to choose private charter flights.

Private Jet Companies Can Fly When You Can’t 

While some weather systems are simply too huge or severe to risk flying in, private charter flights can often fly when commercial aircraft are grounded. This is because they have far more flexible capabilities and restrictions, allowing them to fly above, below or around weather systems. Private jets can also utilize more airports than commercial aircraft, so we can take off from or land at unaffected airports that are close to your destination.

What are the USA’s Worst Weather Airpor…

5 Reasons to Rent a Jet for a Romantic Caribbean Getaway

February is the month of love, and that means taking the time to celebrate your significant other. One of the top recommendations from our private jet charter team is to visit the islands of the Caribbean –  here’s why.

Escape the chill: For most parts of the USA, February is a miserable month – everyone is tired of the cold and the snow, and winter sports are past their appeal. Escaping to the tropics is a welcome break that brings some much-needed sunshine and easy living into your life, and an island escape is all about delivering summer to you and your loved one when you need it most!World-class water sports: The couple that play together, stay together – and what better way to do it than in paradise? With beautiful oceans filled with incredible marine life, you can swim, snorkel and dive with turtles, dolphins and exotic fish. There are also great pastimes for adrenaline junkies, from game fishing and jet skiing to flyboarding, night-snorkeling and cliff-diving.Luxurious accommod…

Teterboro Airport – Home Of One Of NYC’s Leading Private Jet Companies

Air Charters is one of New York’s leading private jet companies, supplying private jet charter services around the USA for business and leisure travel. Here are some interesting facts about our home base – Teterboro Airport.

General aviation relief airport: Teterboro acts as a supplementary airport, taking on smaller aircraft traffic to reduce congestion at the big commercial airports in the area. Just 12 miles from Manhattan, it’s ideally situated for travellers to and from NYC, ensuring a quick and easy drive or helicopter flight for guests. The airport consists of 827 acres of land, of which only around half is utilized for aeronautical use and runways, and 90 acres for offices and buildings, leaving 329 acres lying open for later development and as a greenbelt zone.The oldest operating airport in NYC: This airport was originally owned by Walter C. Teter, and became the site of a North American Aviation manufacturing plant in World War I, and then a base of operations for a Dutch a…

Considering Renting A Private Jet? Read These Tips!

Luxury private jet rental is an increasingly popular way to travel for business or pleasure, thanks to the privacy, flexibility, cost and amenities it offers. If you are thinking about renting a private jet for the first time, here are some tips to make this process even easier.

Partner with the right private jet company: There are a many different private jet companies out there bidding for your business and each one has a different offering. The best companies own and maintain their own fleet, putting your safety and comfort first while also allowing them to pass on savings directly to you. Top companies also offer quick and easy online booking facilities, a highly-trained team of staff and crew to ensure that you and your guests have everything you need, and additional door-to-door transport services.Get the right aircraft: With such a huge range of aircraft out there, it’s important to make sure that the one you hire has the capacity, range and features that you require for your tr…

Super Bowl 2018 Is Just Around The Corner, Rent A Private Jet!

On February 4th 2018, homes and bars around the USA will be filled with the roar of the crowds as the 52nd Super Bowl opens – but nothing will compare to the sights and sounds of being right there in the middle of the action! Here are all the insights and information you need, from our private jet charter company in NY.

Your guide to Super Bowl LII 

Hosts: The game will be held at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Date: 4 February 2018

Attendance: The city is bracing for over 1 million visitors over the 10 days of events, including 5,000 members of the media.

Halftime show: This year, Justin Timberlake will be the headline act of the highly anticipated halftime show.

Associated events: This includes Super Bowl Live, a 10-day concert at Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, featuring Sheila E, The Revolution, The Time, musicians who collaborated with Prince, The Jets, and many more.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is held before, throughout and after the Super Bowl, a traditio…